Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Torrents taking forever: Improving torrent speeds

I was downloading this file with an availability of 15.33, yet no dowload speed. I was cursing the peers (who by coincidence were all Indians i swear!).

1.I enabled port forwarding on the comp by following instructions for my modem on


If u are an amateur at networking technologies do NOT try this at home. I had to reset my modem multiple times, but got it to work eventually.

2. Then I used the Azureus client on Debian Linux and Voila i was getting speeds in excess of 40 kB/s. USE TORRENTS ON LINUX, simplest solution.

3. But then i got to thinking what about the poor souls on Windows a.k.a voleware (I know a few hardened ones, who are like, aanithang dats freey is bad fer ya son), the difference turned out to be the no of connections that can be made to peers is limited in voleware by default. Use this "patch" to correct the problem, and your torrents will zoom.



Jeff said...

I had the same issues with torrents taking forever. I found http://zoomtorrents.com and started having FAST downloads. These guys have 1GB direct downloads. No waiting for slow seeders.

Rituraj said...

Thanks for the patch for windows.it did increase the maximum no of connections but i never really faced the problem of limited connections. i get normal speeds for torrents all the time.

Anonymous said...

its very useful say if there are 13 seeds and u get only one connection cause ur other torrents, websites have blocked no of connections.