Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elections in India

Many people claim electioneering in India is a sham, with people having convictions as diverse a larceny, looting and murder standing up for elections.

This leads to a country wide apathy among youth towards the political process, a very worrying trend. There are sites promoting boycotting the elections, this is a very wrong approach in my opinion. As Maurice Chavez puts it "If you don't vote you get morons incharge", and that has been the situation all along.

I tried a google search for the manifestos of all the alphabet soup parties BJP,INC,UPA,BSP, infifnitum. Coudn't find a single one, instead found a buncha forums and ads prmoting everything from country wide socialism to nationwide genocide. Even the lok sabha website has no details on my constituency's MP (one Mr. Ananth Kumar Bangalore South), the browser just hangs and crashes. This is complete alienation, no manifesto, no details am I just supposed to vote for a symbol.

Also the campaigning is horrific all i see is the Lalu's Maya's and Gowda's threatning an vying for seats like its some commodity in their control. A overhaul is in order right about now and boycotting the process is definitely not the solution.

I think this election is dependent on the youth of India, lets bring about lasting change. I urge all to get their voter's ids made, and exercise their franchise on D-Day.