Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The tin-man's fallacy

barren barks, leaves fall,
sadness I do not see,
New beginnings all around me, a stolen stare, a nervous glance,
to observe, to understand, to articulate,
while the cold wind kindles a long expunged fire deep within

the tin man quickly fades,
making way for a new beginning,
this I know not, but fear it I must, as it is new,
stone walls built over millennia come crashing,
pessimistic rational arguments break

we debated this remember,
the meaning of life is nought,we concluded,
efficiency must triumph over humanity, logic will prevail,
for long I have sparred with you, found a system that enables me to function,
mirroring a laugh, observing loss to understand sadness,
dismissing tears as the great human fallacy, obstacles in the way of progress

all those debates, the soul searching, the conclusions, the rational system broke,
for the tin man fades, giving way to the human,
tin man, I now understand an embrace, compassion, humanity,
they cannot be rationally expressed,
for that is their very essence

in this cold, logical world,
a beginning and an end