Monday, June 8, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 live cd on acer aspire 4520, blank screen

This laptop has traditionally had compatibility issues with Linux, these issues have almost completly been ironed out in recent distros. Overall the most stable has been Debian lenny.

I decided to try the new ubuntu as ubuntu is generally known for its superior hardware compatibility. Was I disappointed.

I don't know how compatibility got reduced from the previous version. Ubuntu 8 effortlessly worked. This version however is error ridden.

If you still want to run it you will probably face the blank screen.

Press F4 during startup to boot in safe mode. Then there will be a screen with "Loading....", type


and press enter, if it does not work use Ctrl+Fn keys to switch console then try.

After that I had a few missing icons, after this I gave up.

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