Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Colossus

Burned and broken,
Twisted and trampled,
The blaze of a thousand suns around him,
the soil reeked of a madness untold

The colossi circled,
it was time,
Conform, they told him,
Pulling at cords only they knew

Comforts and instincts of a lifetime simmered below the surface,
The warm lap of acceptance lay right there,
The hearth, the bed, the porridge seemed enchanting, soporific almost,
A lifetime of lasting rest lay before him

But something inextinguishable had sparked,
Colossus, what are you, if not just rocks and rust,
You are merely the result of slow decay,
If being human meant being thus, then damn god and his creations

The sword shone, and cut through rock,
In one swift motion the cord was cut,
He lay there unable to accept what he had done,
All that remained was a cold barren land

After what seemed like centuries,
A thought germinated,
The fear of the unknown evaporated,
Giving way to an unquenchable thirst

And he picked up the sabre, and set off


Abhishek said...

The scenic and emotional descriptions are really good. :) :)

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