Tuesday, November 23, 2010

USB OTG/Hostmode N900

The N900 was recently granted USB hostmode by MohammedAG and Team (thanks a ton guys), this opens a whole realm of possiblities. First off the requirements:

I bought the following adapter:

EBay India

Then Install "Enhanced Kernel" v45 from your application manager.
Reboot your phone (should not be connected to PC!!), upon rebooting you will be greeted by a terminal, hit any key and type "run noloboot" quickly. Once booted install H-E-N (note you would need to enable extras devel repo on your app manager). Once installed connect the adapter to you PC cable, and connect any storage device). Click on High Speed USB, the on VBUS on, finally on enumerate, your device light should get on, if it does not the Kernel is to blame.

Once that is done click on "Mount" and the device should show up in you file manager (if it does not as it did with me, go to the terminal, type "root" and "mkdir /media/flash", "mount /dev/sda1 /media/flash", it should show up then)

I also tried a Logitech MK250 Wireless mouse+keyboard, inorder to get this working you will additionally need Blue HID from app manager, once installed reboot phone and connect the wireless reciever, the keyboard would work, and to get the mouse cursor, just fo to app menu and run "mousecursor". It should show up. BE WARNED: Scrolling behavoiur will change in browser after this.

Now run along and hack away!!


Administrator said...

Hey! Thanks for the post. I really wanted to get a USB keyboard working with my N900 and kept getting an error about, what was it, API not installed. Turns out I forgot to restart the phone in power kernel mode! Stupid me...
Oh and tell me, you would obviously have tried plugging your phone to the TV...is the display clear like it should be? Because with my phone its not quite sharp on the LCD...wonder whats wrong..
Thanx again!

Rohan Sehgal said...

Great to know there are others doin this stuff!! Yep I tried plugging it, the display will not be very sharp (it will look blurred if you sit close to the screen), this is because of the difference in resolution (N900 does not have 1080p out).. However on an old fashioned CRT TV the display was crisp (becuase CRT has no native resolution)..