Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mumbai Attackers: Islamist fanatics or Islamabad's Automatons

Right now the atmostphere among the youth of india is charged with emotion, against terrorism, relegion and so forth. Common Knee-jerk reaction, but are we being mature and analusing the situation?????

I was reading an article "Dont Do An AMERICA" by Michael F. Scheuner (Ex-CIA director) and these words really struck me as true "Perception is Reality". I mean many times just what we percieve becomes reality for us. And once that perception is formed it is hard to accept its foundation may be wrong.

For Example i was travelling by train and spoke to a kid, who was barely and 3-4 years old and didn't yet know the meaning of 'college', one of my friends asked him if he knew what Pakistan was, he gave a look of complete acceptance and told "Enemy! My enemy". It was shocking what influence today's parenting has come to, or rather the effects of media on young minds. Now that kid will grow up with that perception, never question it and will be unable to question its foundation.

I feel a serious perception/reality check is in order for India.

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siddharth said...

gud article dude..... bt im sure if the kid ends up joinin aa gud institution his thots ll b mended and channelised properly.. wel its jus a hope though!!!!